What We Do

Avast Creative Marketing helps small businesses take the guesswork out of your marketing strategies. We are a full service marketing company that can help you with everything from print marketing to online campaigns, online PR management, and lead generation. Whether it's launching a product or creating new initiatives, we can help you position your brand for success.

Creative Think Tank

We not only brainstorm, but come up with the strategy to put it to action. This type of approach can only be done by incredible marketing companies and evil geniuses. In this day and age, strategic marketing wins.


Knowing your goals is only one part of executing a great marketing plan. Avast will work with you every step of the way in developing firm processes that will ensure proper execution and solid results.


We love getting our hands dirty.  It's the best part about our jobs.  The ship is moving forward full sail with the goal in sight.  However, execution cannot happen without a solid plan.  Strategy and planning are what determine whether the ship sails to success or into an iceburg.


The nerdiest part about our jobs, and yet the second most fun part about it.  This is where we get to break down the results, and see if our ideas were successful and if so which ones.  It's not enough to put a plan into action.  Ultimately, our focus is not to promise results but to prove results.  Anyone can execute a plan, but few can be marketing rock stars.  If you are tired of a shotgun marketing approach, call us.  We'll turn your marketing efforts into a strategic bullet.